RDS Horse Show, 1956


That’s how they rolled.

At the weeklong Dublin Horse Show this year, impeccable stewards… saw to good form by day but through the night guests kicked up their heels in elegantly high-spirited horseplay…[A]fter the events of the show came the sparkle of champagne parties and the hilarity of crowded hunt balls that carried on till dawn.  The young guests pranced through Irish dances like the Siege of Ennis and the Walls of Limerick, stomped to When the Saints Go Marching In, and, inevitably, galloped to John Peel over and over again… When show week was over, the horses were sleek and fresh as ever, but not the guests. “That’s why Dublin is so dull the rest of the year,” a host observed. “It’s because it takes 51 weeks to recuperate.”


Horseplay At The Horse Show (Life Magazine, August 27, 1956)

Thanks Sibling

Meanwhile, in 1901:

From The National Library of Ireland:

Love to think of the lady in the feathered hat doing an Eliza Doolittle on it and ROARING “Move yer bloomin’ ahem!” :)


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