The Cure Fella


Set list: Plainsong; Pictures of You; Closedown; Kyoto Song; A Night Like This; Just Like Heaven; Last Dance; Fascination StLovesong; Charlotte Sometimes; The Walk; A Forest In Between Days; Same Deep Water As You; Prayers For Rain; Disintegration; Lullaby; Close To Me; Let’s Go To Bed; Why Can’t I Be You; Hot Hot Hot; A Strange Day; Three Imaginary Boys; Boys Don’t Cry; Homesick Faith

“By the time we left for the RDS the conditions were extremely hot and sticky. We walked up Sandymount Avenue and almost wilted. Black-clad, mascara-streaked and hairspray-soaked temples. Then we reached the top of the road and gasped. The Curehead army was marching through Ballsbridge. Our time had come; this was our day. We may have been marginalised in our respective hometowns but this was truly a gathering of the tribe. A number 18 bus swung around onto the main road; its occupants stared at us with a mixture of shock and probably pity.”


When The Cureheads Invaded Ballsbridge (Nlgbbbblth, Where’

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