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Electric Picnic in Stradbally, Co Laois

This afternoon.

Avril Stanley, founder of the Body & Soul Festival, announced on Twitter:

After 10 years as an independent festival, we have decided to step back from our presence and 16-year partnership with Electric Picnic so that we can refocus all of our attention to what the central idea behind Body & Soul.

Creating an intimate and collaborative festival of the future; one that can embrace social change in a hugely positive way while celebrating an important and ancient Irish feast in our own unique, stand-alone style.

We want to work towards bringing back a fresh energy and perspective to Body & Soul at the Summer Solstice Festival in Ballinlough and for our new winter festival ÉRIU (December 2020).

We are adding a new sense of purpose to our festival pillars of sustainability, well-being, creativity, culture and family and we hope to focus all of our efforts in bringing something different to the landscape of Irish festivals into the next ten years.

The Body & Soul family celebrates all the incredible and unforgettable moments in our first festival home and wishes the Electric Picnic every success in the future.

Body & Soul will no longer feature at Electric Picnic (Nialler 9)

Top pic: Aerial.ie


Catherine Ryan, on the Electric Picnic Banter 2020 page, writez:

*Not my photo* One of the entrances to the Arena Friday at EP. Where is the crowd control? Trying to pick out security in it is like playing Where’s Wally. Main stage Friday was dangerous, I will say they did open up the barriers Saturday to create more exits.

Then there was Body and Soul Sunday night. We were right down in front off stage and to see the crowds on the slopes it was scary. Not one security person to be seen, eventually they had to close the gates, only after it was over-crowded.

What will it be like next year when they up capacity again?


Electric Picnic Banter 2020 (Facebook)

The Loop, a UK-based not-for-profit, provides drug safety testing, welfare and harm reduction services at music festivals across Europe

Iwerzon writes:

Why don’t EP have official drug-testing booths like they do in festivals all over Europe where people can get their drugs tested before they take them making sure they don’t die?


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The Loop?

‘I let my guard down and paid the price’ – EP warning (RTÉ)


Pics: Aerial.ie



On the Garda Laois and Offaly Facebook page, the gardaí wrote:

#ElectricPicnic gates opened at 4pm today and within minutes a number of seizures of illegal drugs have been made. Gardaí are carrying out searches and are reminding people attending that any seizures made will have consequences for the individual. Keeping people safe and free from harm is important. Cocaine, Ketamine, LSD, MDMA have been seized so far today.

Garda Síochána Laois Offaly (Facebook)

Abandoned tents at last year’s Electric Picnic in Stradbally, Co Laois

Mr [Melvin] Benn, the chief executive of Festival Republic, which runs the Electric Picnic, said the issue of abandoned tents is a societal one.

“Do I see it as a reflection on the festival? I see it as a reflection on society. What we have at every festival is a decent cross-section of what society is.”

Mr Benn suggested some people were under the impression that the tents are recycled for charity, but only a “tiny percentage” are suitable.

…“We are trying to encourage people to do the right thing,” he said. “Our ideal is that we would have to pick up hardly any rubbish. I don’t think a lot of people are getting the connection between them supporting Extinction Rebellion as a point of principle and picking their tent up. They can’t think they are doing the right thing.”

Electric Picnic runs from August 30 to September 1.

Electric Picnic promoter calls for an end to abandoned tents (Ronan McGreevy)

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This morning.

A promotion by Three offering 3Plus customers “one last chance” to get their hands on tickets to the sold-out Electric Picnic festival.

3Plus Electric Picnic Last Chance Sale (Three)