Broadsheet Trailer Park: The Girl



What you may need to know.

1. Hitchcock biopics are so hot right now. This is the one that doesn’t have Anthony Hopkins in it.

2. Toby Jones plays Hitch here: he’s one of the most reliable character actors in the game these days – AND his Dad’s in Emmerdale.

3. Remember Sienna Miller? She’s best remembered for her co-starring role as Jude Law’s girlfriend and, more recently, her role in the News International hacking scandal.

4. Hitchcock’s Vertigo was voted The Best Film EVER Made in the prestigious Sight & Sound poll earlier this year: our own choice, Sam Raimi’s seminal Evil Dead 2 (1978) (1987), failed to make the Top 100, thus making the entire poll utterly redundant.

Release date: October (TV)

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