Educate Together In A “Modern Day Hedge School”


HF writes:

With the great appetite that currently exists for secularizing our schools, you might be interested to look at how the government is treating the children in one Educate Together school in Carrigaline, Co Cork. It’s a modern day hedgeschool.

Since it was founded in 2008, this has been a school without a school. The first group of students were educated in the local soccer club, with lunch breaks in the bar. More recently the school was based in a building designed as a pre-school in a Celtic Tiger estate. Last year, they outgrew this and moved the older children to some rooms in an
industrial estate a couple of miles away, where they play in a cordoned off section of the car park.

This additional “facility” is on the left in this street view.They are across the car park from a tyre depot and a fire safety training place (which sometimes holds exercises in the car park). The school has a site and planning permission for an actual school, but the government doesn’t see it as a priority. A Campaign has begun for a permanent building.