Legislative or medical neglect?

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Women Denied A Termination’ Dies In Hospital (Kitty Holland and Paul Cullen, Irish Times)

Two Investigations Into Death Of Woman After Galway Miscarriage (RTE)

Savita Halappanavar, who was 17 weeks pregnant, died of septicaemia a week after presenting with back pain on 21 October at University hospital in Galway, where she was found to be miscarrying.
After the 31-year-old dentist was told that she was miscarrying, her husband reportedly said that she had asked for a medical termination a number of times over a three day period, during which she was in severe pain.
But he said these requests were denied because a foetal heartbeat was still present and they were told at one point: “This is a Catholic country.”
Medical staff removed the dead foetus days later after the heartbeat stopped but Halappanavar died of septicaemia on 28 October.

Scandal In Ireland As Woman Dies in Galway ‘After Being Denied Abortion’ (Guardian)