Would You Like A Print Of The Dublin/Cork Tintin Cover?


We have two – yes, TWO – large glossy prints of the imaginary adventures of Tintin in Dublin and Cork by Grainne Tynan to give away.

Yes, it’s a Friday Tintin ‘Rick off.

When guilty of an online sin,
One must give the mob a chance to win,
By writing a ditty,
About old Cork City,
Two wonderful prints of Tintin.

John Moynes

All Cork/Dublin Tintimericks before 2pm.

Please express city preference.

You can purchase a print here

No cash, favours, posters, etc. were given for this post.


UPDATE: winners:


There was a young lad called Tintin
Who loved an old Red Bull and gin
He smoked Jonny Blue
And Snowy did too
The scanger kingpin of Dublin

‘Ah Feck’


Tintin left The Pale just to see
If he’d find a new life by the Lee
But there weren’t any jobs
Folk talked like Eddie Hobbs
So he legged it back to Dublin 3


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