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It’s unusually trippy.

Simon Bird – All The Houses On My Street Look Exactly The Same

Simon writes:

I’m a Dublin based producer.  ‘All The Houses On My Street Look Exactly The Same’ and is the second track on my new album ‘Sport’, which is going to be available for download on December 3rd.  The video  was produced with entirely no budget.

Starring: Eoghan Shankey Smith, Conor Mary Foy, Janna Fee Kemperman, Junior Yussuf, Rachel McInerney. and Simon Bird. Costume and Design by Aine K Byrne, Dance Choreography by Janne Fee Kemperman, Cameras by Michelle Doyle and Kevin A. Freeney, Edited by Kevin A. Freeney with Simon Bird, Additional Animation by Simon Bird Written and Directed by Kevin A. Freeney
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