Broadsheet Job Club: Developer/Founder/Equity Share Person


Stefan Mitchell writes|:

You kindly featured Reveal Ireland before.Since then we’ve taken on board the Broadsheet user comments as well as feedback from NDRC LaunchPad and have developed a 5 Phase development plan that we hope will transform the tourism Irish information market.

While €2.5 million is spent rebranding, it’s worth noting Reveal Ireland was, to date, built on less than a €10,000 development budget. But we would like to take the site to the next level and blow DiscoverIreland and out of the water with our innovations rather than budgets.

All we need is a dedicated and talented developer to come on board and implement them. The successful candidate will effectively become a co-founder of the business. He/she will gain an equity share/profit share of the business.

Reveal Ireland is just the first step in a European wide expansion programme. It’s an exciting project that will interest developers looking to prove that an Irish, and in the future European, tourism site can be built for a fraction of the cost of the government-run sites. Our business model is unique and there is substantial revenue potential.

I’m sure equity-share jobs are not high on your priority list but I thought for a project such as this, it may appeal to the Broadsheet user base. Contact: 


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