Your New Internet Music Station Has Arrived


“Think Tom Waits followed by Dutch Uncles followed by The Blades at lunchtime.”


Brainchild of Simon Maher, formerly general manager of Phantom 105.2.

He writes:

I’ve been asking people what they listen to for a year now and so many people have deserted traditional radio altogether which is a great shame.

People still love music though so they have replaced their terrestrial radio listening with online radio/spotify/deezer and their own playlists which are by their nature a bit less structured than traditional radio.

So, when we started putting the music for 8Radio together, we have gone for a much more random selection.

The 8Radio philosophy is simple – we play the music we like. Everything from 80s synth pop to brand new Irish and international gems to 70s post-punk. If the song is good, we will play it


No cash, favours, ‘slow song requests were given for this post
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