Property Weirdness



Karen writes:

Can anyone explain what is going on in the Property Market?

I’ve currently made an offer on two  properties with two different estate agents. Both have informed me that it is banks that are selling these properties.

One of my offers is above the advertised asking price.
My other offer is at the advertised asking price.

I’ve been waiting over two  weeks to hear anything back in relation to my offers.

Is there some scam going on in which banks are legally obliged to put these properties on the market – but in actual fact they are not trying to sell the properties for some reason?

Isn’t this false advertising (seeing as I’ve made an offer at the asking price)? 

A few months ago that I made an offer and the estate agent simply never got back to me at all.

I’ve also noticed that certain properties keep being described as “sale agreed” and then a few weeks later they are back for sale on the property websites.

I accept that the buyer can pull out after a survey or for other reasons but the whole thing is very fishy.

There was another property that I wanted to view but the estate agent couldn’t make contact with the owner or the tenant in order to arrange a viewing.

That was about three weeks ago.

I’d appreciate the opinion of anyone in the know about this.


(Eamonn Farrell/Photocall Ireland)