Shamrock Crisp Winner


Keogh's Image 1Not her silly.

She’s a pot full of them.

The winner of yesterday’s competition and a hamper full of Keogh’s Shamrock Crisps and other stuff is long-time Broadsheet commenter/first time winner Clampers Outside, who wrote:

Please give the Keogh’s Shamrock Crisps Hamper to my Mom and Pop because of this….

‘Sham Around!’ (with apologies to House of Pain)

Yo Keogh!
Pack it up, pack it in
Open bag to begin
I came to win
Rattle tha’ potato skin
I won’t tear the pack up
Sure you’d better back up
Try and deny my Ma a win and Pop an’ crew will act up
Shamrock is the best stock… come on!
Come on, throw your hands up
If you’ve got the cream let it sour for the green
Ballinskelligs is the best, someone’s talking jest
Yo, I’ll bust a potatoe eye
And then I’ll take the pinks home
Eat it, dunk it
Chomps be munching
And I got more rhymes than there’s crips that are dunking
Kerry is tops
Sure ’nuff I got me Pops he’s nowhere near over the Hill
More spuds for Mom and Pops


I came to get a Nom [2x]
So get your Keogh’s and munch a nom
Munch a nom [3x]
Nom up! Nom up! and munch down.


Fair play though, in fairness.

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