The Smugglers Of Bray



The ‘Brandy Hole’ tunnel, Bray Head, Co Wicklow

Sibling of Daedalus writes:

Formerly part of an immensely deep cavern open to the sea at the front and connected to the ground above by a complicated network of secret passages, into which smuggling vessels could sail and unload their contraband.
The smuggling trade was a key source of income for 18th century Bray residents – the occasional skirmish aside, their activities went largely ignored by the Revenue, possibly due to bribes.
The most successful smugglers were a mother and daughter team who lived in a cottage beside the Head. Of considerable enterprise and determination, and always heavily armed, they amassed sufficient fortune from their operations to retire on the profits…

Great times.

Pic: Robert Ffrench, Lawrence Collection, National Library of Ireland

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