Oh, The Yellow Tree Of Smithfield


Isabel Kelly writes:

I am a third year Landscape Architecture student in UCD, as part of a project a group of 5 of us installed an interactive art installation in Smithfield yesterday. I’m writing to you out of pure shock that our installation survived and was so successful. We combined tree branches, sprayed yellow in a cement base with tags left on the branches with two markers and left it to stand in the centre of smithfield over night.
The idea was to mimic the idea of a ‘wish tree’ and to see how the public would interact with art out in the open.

We returned today to find every tag written on back and front and even new tags added, made from paddy power betting papers. Thought this would be of interest to everyone to see how this fragile structure survived and was enjoyed by so many. We’re all so glad to have reached out to so many people, we hope their wishes come true!

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