Madra Patrol


NessNess Woods, Derry.

Copulating couple in Vauxhall Ampera (out of picture).

People are coming from “far and wide” to get involved in ‘dogging’ in Derry, a DUP councillor has claimed. Maurice Devenney said he has been contacted by a number of people over recent days who claim to have stumbled across “lewd sexual activity” at Prehen and Ness Woods.“One such incident was witnessed by a person out walking their dog at 3pm one afternoon, so these incidents are taking place in clear daylight,” Mr Devenney said.

“I am told that one person saw a male running around the woods with nothing on but a pair of stockings and suspenders.” Mr Devenney said there is now an onus on the police and council to act. He said if the land was Council owned he would campaign to have it gated off and appealed to the PSNI to step up patrols of the areas.

Let us all come together in peace.

Fnarr, snoik, etc.

Ness Woods Dave Mitchell

Call for ‘dogging’ patrols (Derry Journal)

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