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Aoife Grace Moore, of the Press Association, tweetz:

Pro-IRA graffiti has been put up just metres from where Lyra McKee was shot in Creggan, warning off the community from helping the police with their investigation. Warns “informers will be executed”.

Pro-IRA graffiti at Lyra McKee murder scene warns ‘informers will be executed’ (The Irish Examiner)

Security alerts after weekend bomb attack (BBC)

Earlier: Incendiary

Barry Whyte tweetz:

An example of the sheer destruction and damage the heavy rain caused overnight. This is the main Quigley’s Point to Muff Road in Donegal.

Meanwhile, at Derry Airport…

Barry Whyte tweetz:

City of Derry Airport was also hit by flooding overnight, as a result all flights have been cancelled #Derry #NorthWestFloods

Meanwhile in Drumahoe, Derry…

Barry Whyte tweetz:

Institutes F.Cs Riverside Stadium was also hit by the unprecedented heavy rain last night #Derry #NorthWestFloods

Roads damaged, flooding across parts of northwest after heavy rain (RTE)

Thanks Ronan McCann



Toutspunk rock from Derry

What you may need to know…

01. What’s that, you say? Handsome boys in jumpers from Derry City playing enthusiastic rock ‘n’ roll? That’ll be Touts, then.

02. Riffing on the obvious NI punk comparisons, the lads take that energy and give it a modern, more aggro take on the classic power-chord sound.

03. Streaming above is Sold Out, the band’s new single. Shouted-out today on Nialler9, the lads are releasing an E.P. soon on Hometown, the label that’s currently giving us Rejjie Snow among others.

04. Belfast locals can catch the band while they can, this August on the 23rd, playing alongside Blossoms at Customs House Square. They’re supporting some UK pop band or other.

Thoughts: Is yer man Fergal Sharkey or Joe Strummer? He is neither, but these lads are great, making an earnest callback to grittier times without leaning too hard on its clichés.


Our Krypton Son

Our Krypton SonDerry singer-songwriter

What you may need to know…

01. Christopher McConaghy, better known as Our Krypton Son, of course got his pseudonym from watching Superman II.

02. Having released his self-titled debut full-length in 2013, he’s shared the stage with big-name acts like Snow Patrol, Hozier, and Two Door Cinema Club, as well as treading the boards at T Vital and Other Voices.

03. Streaming above is the video new single Everything Reminds Me of You, taken from his upcoming second album, Fleas and Diamonds, releasing via Small Town America Records.

04. Catch him launching said long-player at a special gig in the Nerve Centre in Derry, this day week, Friday 10th.

Thoughts: Creating from the circumstances and tools at his disposal, McConaghy wrings big sounds out of big songs.

Our Krypton Son


Axecatchernew EP and upcoming shows

What you may need to know…

01. Metallic hardcore is the order of the day from Derry four-piece Axecatcher.

02. Intriguing genre nerds in 2012 with debut single The Odalisque, the band have kept fairly prolific, releasing EPs in 2013 and 2014, while supporting bands like KENMode and Rotting Out has kept their profile up.

03. Streaming above in its entirety is third EP Common Blood, self-released on the band’s Bandcamp last week. Coming soon to other platforms.

04. One can safely assume that a new EP means gigs to be announced in short order. Stay tuned to their social media for more.

Verdict: Nothing fancy and no polish, just a big, focused, fupp-off racket. Sound.



 Diana King, Kitty O’Kane and Collette Devlin outside Strand Road police station in Derry yesterday evening

Three women [Collette Devlin, Diana King and Kitty O’Kane] have handed themselves into a police station in Derry, stating they have procured and taken illegal abortion pills and requesting that they be prosecuted, in protest at Northern Ireland’s restrictive abortion laws.

The women hope to trigger a trial to showcase the archaic nature of the 1861 Offences Against the Person Act – the legislation which makes abortion in Northern Ireland illegal except in extremely rare circumstances.

King, 72, a retired social worker, said she felt compelled to make a stand…  “It is unforgivable how women are being treated. I am handing myself in to the police to inform them that I have procured the nine-week abortion pills on several occasions,” she said before making her way to the police station.

…The three women put themselves forward ahead of younger women, because they no longer have jobs that might be affected by a criminal record.

Northern Irish women ask to be prosecuted for taking abortion pills (The Guardian)

Pic: Gareth Wilkinson