Meanwhile, In Victoria


aw-Bishop-20Peter-20Connors-2C-20Ballarat-20Diocese_20130429222119286356-620x349Bishop Peter Connors (above) of the diocese of Ballarat appeared, at the government-lead inquiry into the handling of child sex abuse cases by the Catholic Church in Victoria, Australia, today

He was asked by Committee member David O’Brien about Fr Paul Ryan a paedophile who was moved from parish to parish.

O’Brien: “Was there awareness of Ryan’s sexual problems from early on?”

Bishop Connors: ”Yes.”

O’Brien: “Was there persistent conduct in not warning parishioners?”

Bishop Connors: ”I can’t comment.”

O’Brien: “Was there a persistent determination to retain him despite the high risk?

Bishop Connors: ”Yes.”

O’Brien: “Was there a persistent disregard for victims?”

Bishop Connors: ”Yes.”

O’Brien: “There hasn’t been any investigation or explanation of how a priest like Ryan could be shifted around?”

Bishop Connors: ”No.”

O’Brien: “The church has effectively facilitated child sex offences by leaving known offenders in place?”

Bishop Connors:”I agree with that.”

O’Brien: “Very unChrist-like, isn’t it?”

Bishop Connors: ”Absolutely.”

Catholic Church ‘facilitated’ abuse (The Age)

Thanks Mark Geary