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Sky News Australia.

Conservative radio host and former Australian rugby coach Alan Jones comes down hard on the rona suggesting blokes and sheilas are entitled to think:

“There is an agenda out there comprehensively determined to destroy Western society as we know it.”

A fair suck of the sauce bottle?

Or a few stubbies short of a six-pack?

We may never know.

Sky News Australia

This morning.

Googong, New South Wales,  Australia.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison – announcing a plan to hand out $25,000 to those wanting to undertake home renovations – is told to clear off by a home owner.

Mark Geary writes:

Most Aussie thing ever…



This morning.

West Kerry.

Cardinal George Pell with Pope Francis in 2017

This morning.

Via The Guardian:

Cardinal George Pell was aware of children being sexually abused within the Archdiocese of Ballarat by notorious paedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale, Australia’s child abuse royal commission found, and it was “implausible” that other senior church figures did not tell Pell abuse was occurring.

More than 100 previously redacted pages of the child abuse royal commission report relating to Cardinal George Pell and what he knew about child sexual abuse within the Catholic church were tabled to parliament today.

While the commission delivered its final report to parliament in December 2017 following a comprehensive five year inquiry into abuse in institutions throughout Australia, survivors and advocates have been forced to wait for the findings relating to Pell because of legal action against him.

There was concern the findings would prejudice a jury, so they were withheld. Pell was acquitted in April of child sexual abuse charges and released from jail, clearing the way for the report to be made public.

George Pell: cardinal was aware of children being sexually abused, royal commission report finds (The Guardian)


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Ah here.

Mark Geary writes:

As it is owned by Murdoch, that is pretty much all any of it is good for…

NT News prints eight-page ‘toilet paper’ liftout in response to Australia’s shortage (News.com.au)

Northern Territory News

This morning.

On Cork’s 96FM Opinion Line with PJ Coogan.

Deirdre O’Shaughnessy spoke to Catherine Sutton-Brady, originally from Winter’s Hill in Cork about the rescue from the Australian bush fires of her son Oisin (arrowed in green hat above in a photo taken during the mission by the Australian Navy yesterday).


Yesterday: With A Slack Jaw And Not Much To Say

Thanks Fergal Barry

Pic: Mary O’Malley and Ryley Gray

Mark Geary writes:

Australia’s version of BoJo, ScoMo [Prime Minister Scott Morrison, top right], gets the reception he deserves in a town hit by the bush fires: ScoMo has been more interested in the cricket and his holiday in Hawaii than in supporting the people affected by the fires…

Angry Cobargo residents explode at Scott Morrison as PM tours fire-ravaged towns (9News)

Pic: 9News

A rare form of lightning called ‘red sprites’ (only confirmed 30 years ago) observed earlier this month at Kununurra in Western Australia. To wit:

100-meter balls of ionized air shoot down from about 80-km high at 10 percent the speed of light and are quickly followed by a group of upward streaking ionized balls. Red sprites take only a fraction of a second to occur and are best seen when powerful thunderstorms are visible from the side.

(Pic: Ben Broady)


Irish woman speaks to 7 News in Australia after the sighting of a Great White shark in Tamarama beach near Sydney, Australia.

‘It was a big one’: Four-metre shark spotted off Tamarama Beach (The Sydney Morning Herald)

H/T: Colette Browne


A bipartisan bill before the US Congress threatens to open access to the prized E3 visa class to Irish workers, a prospect that has sparked an intense lobbying campaign by Australia’s ambassador to Washington, Joe Hockey, to block the move.

….The legislation to expand the E3 visa scheme to Irish immigrants was introduced to the US House of Representatives at the end of October and is due for debate in coming weeks.

Many members of the US Congress have Irish ancestry, and are sympathetic to the idea of making it easier for Irish professionals to work in America.

But Australian officials have launched a diplomatic battle to preserve the exclusive right to the visa, fearing that opening up the scheme to the Irish would lead to a stampede of other countries seeking to gain access to its special provisions.


The Irish are muscling in on our special US visa, so we’ve ‘gone nuts (The Age)

Thanks Mark Geary