Tax Breaks For Some


Google72057634(Google Dublin and the library at Trinity College, Dublin)

Miniature coding computers for others.

Google’s PR people do not go home early on a Bank Holiday Friday.

Oh no.

Google has announced a new partnership with Trinity College Dublin which it says will “radically change” the way computers are taught in Irish schools.

It will provide 1,000 teachers with miniature coding computers which Google says will help students learn the skills needed in the digital economy.

The internet giant is undertaking the partnership to mark 10 years in Ireland and will provide €1.5 million in funding to the project. It aims to affect a significant long-term change through “innovative educational interventions focused on the second-level system.

€1.5 million?


One and a half million Euros.

A Million.

And a half.

The scheme will see 1,000 teachers given miniature coding computers (Newstalk)

Pics: Panaramoi and Google

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