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FionnannnPolitical editor of the Irish Independent Fionnan Sheahan appeared on Vincent Browne, alongside Constantin Gurdgiev, finance lecturer at Trinity College and Ian Kehoe, assistant editor of the Sunday Business Post, last night to speak about the Anglo Tapes.

But first there was some ‘sickening’ bias’ business to deal with.

Vincent Browne: “Fionnan, let’s talk a bit about the tapes and their provenance. I gather that you had the tapes, or Independent Newspapers, had the tapes for quite a while before you published them?”

Fionnan Sheahan: “Yeah, we’ve had them for a while. Obviously you’d put a lot of research into a story like this Vincent before putting it out there. That’s normal journalistic practice.”

Browne: “And how long did you have them?”

Sheahan: “For a while.”

Browne: “Can you tell us how long?”

Sheahan: “No.”

Browne: “Why not?”

Sheahan: “Why should I?”

Browne: “Because I’m asking you. And I’m sure…”

Sheahan: “We’ve had them for a while Vincent. And we were using the time, within which to actually, to actually gather information about this, about the significance of it and so on and so forth, and get photographs.”

Browne: “But I’m just asking you ‘how long’, you don’t have to tell us the exact number of days but all right, OK. OK, like if politicians behaved like that…we don’t.”

Sheahan: “No Vincent, you spend so much time showing your bias towards Independent Newspapers, it’s getting sickening at this point.”

Browne: “All right.”

Sheahan: “Can you not just acknowledge it’s a good story and move on. Is that too much for you, is it?”

Browne: “Of course it is a good story.”

Sheahan: “Yeah, right, I didn’t hear you say it.”

Browne: “No, I didn’t say it because it’s not…I don’t have to say it.”

Sheahan: “I’m sick, I’m sick of your attitude towards the Irish Independent.”

Browne: “Do you have a problem?”

Sheahan: “I do, I do Vincent. I do have a problem.”

Browne: “You do?”

Sheahan: “I do, when you bring a colleague of mine in here a couple of weeks ago and just kick him around for your fun. So can you not just acknowledge in this case Vincent, it’s a perfectly good story and let’s talk about it.”

Browne: “Let’s get on with it. And let’s get rid of this problem that you have, or rather let’s ignore it.”

Sheahan: “It’s not a problem I have.”

Browne: “Ignore the problem, let’s get on with it.”

Sheahan: “It’s a problem you have with the Irish Independent.”

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