Love, Rathmines


winstonwinston2 Rathmines, Dublin.

Jaime Winstone (daughter of Ray) filming a scene from Cecelia Ahern’s Love, Rosie, today.

The girl on the bike is a boy in a wig.

As the stunt required ‘her’ to fall off.

*big sigh*


rosie1Some manner of Space Hopper pary. I hope there are no girls on those death traps.

snowThe snow men. They make the magic happen.

rosie2That’s the ‘Key grip’ on the right. Lose him and no one is going home.

-3The old boom mic.

-2Christmas in June? Red post boxes in Dublin 6? What kind of movie is this?

We can’t wait to illegally download see it in the cinema on a wet Monday night when we have the ‘fear’. when it comes out.


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