In The Public Interest




“It seems inconceivable that senior management in Anglo didn’t know that the gardaí had sought court orders for these tapes

“Alan Dukes was appointed as a public interest director to the bank in December 2008 and paid €127,000 in 2010.

He became chairperson in 2010. But he wasn’t the only political appointment to the Bank. Former Fianna Fáil senator, Aidan Eames was appointed to the Board in June 2010.”

The Public Interest Directors didn’t inform the Central Bank at the time. It seems they didn’t even inform the government,”

“Why did Alan Dukes sing dumb? Tánaiste what are you going to do about these tapes?


Sinn Fein’s Mary Lou McDonald during Leader’s Questions this morning.


McDonald queries Dukes’ knowledge of Anglo tapes (Irish Times)


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