Broadsheet TV Trailer Park: Count Arthur Strong



What you may need to know

1. Heads up… Graham Linehan has a new TV show starting TONIGHT

2. Linehan’s hit ratio is pretty much impeccable. What’s more, he’s a lovely bloke. He’s allowed the occasional Twitter strop.

3. Count Arthur Strong is a character created by Steve Delaney; he’s already been an Edinburgh Fringe fave and a brilliant radio show. Linehan co-wrote the series with Delaney, and directed it, too.

4. His lone feature credit to date? A co-writing credit on justly forgotten 1997 rom-com The Matchmaker.

4. He’s just wrapped an IT Crowd special, due later this year. He’s been teasing it on Vine

6. Prognosis: We’re excited.

Release Date: BBC2, Tonight

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