Oh, Very Cosy


T_cosywickerandsquee(Morgan and cosy, top, and Wicker Bones with Squee)

You may recall the Michael T cosy winner Wubbelz from last year?

He writes:

You will be glad to know the T cosy is in constant use at every social event possible, keeping temperatures of hot delicious tea at a constant for maximum enjoyment.

Picture of said T cosy and guardian cat ‘Morgan’ (top).

I write in as myself and bandmates (above) in ‘Wicker Bones’ who frequently enjoy tea incubated from said t-cosy managed to meet and greet the full size version of the tea-cosy or ‘President’ as he is known.
I thought you might like to know this as we have a gig coming up TONIGHT  in the Pint on Eden Quay, Dublin, as part of the 10 days in Dublin Festival, if you could throw a punters our way we would be much obliged! I can say for definite that Michael T will be in attendance
and maybe the big man himself.


wicker_bones_pint_gig_10didWicker Bones