bonoFrench culture minister Aurélie Filipetti and Bono in Paris yesterday

Before she hung the green silk ribbon with the gold medal around Bono’s neck last night the French culture minister Aurélie Filipetti recounted his life: Protestant mother, Catholic father. Abhorrence of bloodshed during the Troubles. Scourge of apartheid, south American juntas and the martyrdom of Sarajevo. Fight against Aids, third world debt and poverty…

….Filippetti lifted the medal from a crimson cushion and held it poised. “In the name of an entire nation, won over by your immense talent… Cher Bono, … we make you a commandeur de l’ordre des arts et des lettres.”

Commander Bono grazed the hand of the tall, slender, suntanned minister with a baise-main à la francaise. The camera flashes crackled, their light bouncing off gilded mirrors and crystal chandeliers.

Lara Marlowe , Irish Times


Firstly, it can’t be denied that U2 are one of the superpowers of rock. Few bands can match their genius for stadium rock and the pick of their albums – ‘The Joshua Tree’ and ‘Achtung Baby’, to name but two – are among the finest in the genre.

Secondly, Bono has directed his considerable energies for many years now to helping those in the Third World who are incapable of helping themselves. He has bartered with the great and good and had the ear of many a powerful world leader.

Editorial, Irish Independent

Francophile Bono receives honour from a grateful nation (Lara Marlowe, Irish Times)

Taking pride in the name of our greatest rock star – Bono (Editorial, Independent.ie)

Photo: Paris Match

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