In One Take



But I can see that there’s something amazing beyond this town tonight,
And I’ll concede the eyes of this beholder are older not wiser tonight
When I was a boy I had just dreams and no fears
the sound of the city was music to my ears
the moon and the stars are reflections in your tears
and I am free tonight

Glimmermen – This Town

Lynn writes:

I thought you might like this. It’s the new video from Dublin-based band Glimmermen. Shot in one take on a busy night in Temple Bar (Dublin). It’s taken from their forthcoming album I’m Dead. I dare you to watch the fight scene only once :)


Glimmermen (Facebook)


Shot on Eustace Street and Temple Bar, Dublin on 27th June — Camera & Edit by Mark Linnane — Production Crew: Cian Pawle-Bates & Lynn Millar — Music Recorded & Mixed by J. Robbins, The Magpie Cage, Baltimore, USA.
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