This Is Completely Opus



opus2(Opus Dei, top, and the Irish Philosophical Society’s logo, above)

James Delaney O Neill writes:

So, I have an interest in studying and reading philosophy and I was looking up different philosophical groups and societies in Ireland. The more I look into the groups here the more I realise how they are all cultish in the most deceptive ways.

I was just about to join the Irish Philosophical Society, thinking that it seemed the least cultish or cathloic, but I just looked at the address you send your membership form and fees to and smelled snake oil.

You send them to 10 Hume Street, Dublin 2. As I work around the corner I know that this is the Ely University Centre which is an Opus Dei School. The school only lightly mentions that its spiritual guidance comes from Opus Dei on its website. Even the school is looked down upon by the Knights of Coloumbanus which own Ely House (Hume Street and Ely Place seem to be a hot place for right wind secretive Catholic organisations).

So I am coming to the conclusion that Opus Dei really are in all types of places you might not notice.

Are there any philosophical groups out there you can join in Ireland to join that aren’t linked to secretive fundemental groups? Don’t really want to have to get a degree in TCD.



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