Broadsheet Trailer Park: Philomena


Judi Dence and Steve Coogan in Philomena

What you may need to know

1. Chompsky’s really excited about this one.

2. When we heard the title, we thought it was a biopic of Phil Lynott’s mammy. It isn’t.

3. Yes, it’s based on a true story.

4. It’s directed by Stephen Frears, who did The Grifters (1990), The Snapper (1993), The Van (1996), The Queen (2006) and some other films that don’t have the prefix ‘The’.

5. Steve Coogan also co-wrote the script. So… what did we think of the Partridge movie?

6. And what about Judi Dench’s accent?

7. Broadsheet Prognosis: There will be tears.

Release date: November

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