Good Morning Brendan


Rob & Brendan(Rob, from New Jersey (right) with Brendan from Dublin)

Yes, you on the left with the prowling fingers.

Knowing that you sometimes check Broadsheet “first thing” your boyfriend Rob has asked us to pass on a message to reach you “before 7am” on October 5, your first anniversary together.

He has something to ask you.

Warning: the following contains declarations of love, tenderness and US-levels of emotional frankness that some Irish viewers may find distressing.





Rob writes:

I would be the first to admit that the video was sort of awkward and,well, weird. But i was nervous and trying my best. I should have recorded another version where i didn’t mention anything about Dublin.

I didn’t mean anything negative towards the city itself. It has just been hard for me. Thank you.

Oh, and, we are engaged. :)