Tay Buke Winners



The three winners of Juanita Browne’s Put The Kettle On competiton (and each win a copy of the buke) from last Friday are:

Beth: “Would you please send this buke to my mum Siobhán, as she manages to get through about 20 cups of (completely black, unsugared) tea a day.”

Kearnivale: “Would you please send this buke to my Da, as he drinks so many cups of tea a day, he has to switch to Barry’s decaf at 2pm because of the tremors.”

Lidija: “Would you please send this buke to me as I learned to LOVE tea (from thinking it was yucky first time I tried it when I came to Ireland, to not being able to relax without putting a kettle on first thing when I get back to my gaff now. BTW – no sugar, leave a bag in, dollop of milk) and I obviously have only tea and no friends in my life to apply to this for me.”

Thanks all.

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