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The recently rebooted, Tallaght-born chocolate bar of the gods.

In once-off-just-for-you selection box form.

David Quinn writes:

Seasons Greetings to my friends in Broadsheet. It’s the other David Quinn here, of The People of Croke Park fame.

I’m getting in touch because our friends in Catch – the chocolate bar – have a little seasonal offer for readers of the ‘Sheet

We’ve been running competitions for Catch on their social pages to win their Limited Selection Boxes and it’s been getting a huge reaction – Victoria Smurfit herself tweeted “I won at life” after receiving one.

Well, as it turns out we’ve got TWO (yes, two) of these not-for-sale Catch Limited Selection Boxes which we’re happy to give to two readers.

To enter, just answer one simple question – what do you want to ‘catch’ Santa leaving under the tree this year?

Keep it clean folks – it’s a family show!

Lines MUST close at Midnight.

Catch Bar (Facebook)


Yesterday, with EIGHT customised mugs from designer Fergus O’Neill to giveaway, Fergus asked you two questions; Who is Ireland’s biggest wanker? And what is your fondest political slogan?

You answered in your dozens.

But there could be only eight winners.

Fergus writes:

The winners – wankers one and all…

Mourning Ireland – Barry Egan
realPolithicks – Micheal Noonan
Liam Deliverance – Alan Shatter
Gokkers – Me

And political slogans…

Geansai – Simon Harris ‘Refreshing Future for Wicklow’
TheQ47 – “A Lot Done, More to Do”
Dav – “Keeping in it real”
bisted – “arise and follow” — the pick of the bunch!

The wankers win the wanker mug and the political slogan winners win the Let’s keep The Recovery Going mug.

Thanks all.

Grand Grand

Yesterday: Grab A Mug

Clockwise from top left: Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden

Seattle down!

Every week we give away a voucher worth TWENTY FIVE EUROS to spend at any of the 14 Golden Discs stores nationwide.

This week’s theme: Grunge

To mark the passing of Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Audioslave), what song from the Grunge canon ripples your flannel shirt?

To enter, please complete this sentence:

‘The most outstanding song of the Grunge genre is undoubtedly___________________because___________________’

Lines MUST close at 5.45pm.

Golden Discs

The Pogues

Last week, we asked you to select your favourite song recorded by The Pogues excluding Fairytale of New York.

A Golden Discs voucher worth TWENTY FIVE euros  was up for grabs so the competition was particularly intense.

But there could only be one winner.

In reverse order so:

The Sick bed of Cuchulainn (1985)

Liam Deliverance writes:

” Not including Fairytale, the finest song The Pogues ever recorded is The Sick Bed Of Cuchulain. Musically it has not a lot to recommend it although it’s hard to dislike the slow-fast-slow-fast style typical of Pogues tracks and the witty and rambunctious delivery. Lyrically though, magnificent. No-one else but Mr McGowan could write a song like this. Lyrics here

Worms (1988)

Al Jeers writes:

‘Not including Fairytale, the finest song The Pogues ever recorded is Worms. It’s the last track from “If I Should Fall from Grace with God” and there’s a very long gap between the penultimate track and so it arrives horribly and unexpectedly. It’s a musical approximation of the horrors. I kind of like it.

The Broad Majestic Shannon (1988)

Pat Walsh writes:

Not including the magnificent A Fairytale Of New York, the finest song recorded by The Pogues is The Broad Majestic Shannon from their second album because even though it has some similarities to the tune of Fairytale, it also stands apart from it & because it captures the memories of the summers that Shane spent visiting his relations in Tipperary when he was a young fella. Liam Clancy also does a great version of the song.

Fiesta (1988)

Daisy Chainsaw writes:

Not including Fairytale, the finest song The Pogues ever recorded is Fiesta because I pogo round the place like a lunatic to it… and then wonder why my knees need replacing!

Therave adds:

The best Pogues song would be Fiesta, Preachers pub on Washington Street in Cork was once owned by a guy called Ted, Ted loved the song but the regulars loved it more and at random points in the night Ted would blast it up on the stereo to which the crowd would go berserk , dancing on seats and tables…….. ahhh the good old days.

White City (1989)

Friscondo writes:

White City is an Irish tune about Shane’s love of London. Best, maddest gig, I was ever at was seeing them in Dec 1988 in Brixton Academy. Kirsty McCall guested and one of the guys I was with went missing for three days, on the night. He met a girl from Reading and went on a major session. Turned up on the Sunday totally blasé. Honourable mentions to Body of an American, The Old Main Drag, A Pair of Brown Eyes and Thousands Are Sailing.


A Pair Of Brown Eyes (1985)

Orla Smith writes:

Not including Fairytale, the finest song The Pogues ever recorded is…I love them all but it has to be  A Pair of Brown Eyes – it’s Shane’s anti-war song that rivals ‘Waltzing Matilda’. Cait’s smokey harmonies comforting Shane’s raspy sorrowful tone, arguably the best example of how he actually could sing back in the day.

The song has everything the Pogues were all about.  Shane’s song writing is unrivaled but when it’s combined with the genius and musicality the rest of the gang are blessed with – it’s pure magic. I saw them when I was nine, snuck into The Stadium on South Circular Road by me auntie’s in 1991 and it set me up for life!


Haunted (1986)

PMCD writes:

Haunted is sung by Cait O’Riordan and was first featured on the soundtrack to Alex Cox’s Sid & Nancy back in 1986. In many ways its the best thing about the movie – though I’ve always had a soft spot for Gary Oldman’s Sid Vicious. The song’s got one of McGowan’s most beautiful lyrics and its chorus of, “I want to be haunted by the ghost of your precious love” is pretty spine-tingling stuff. Is it as good as A Rainy Night In Soho? Hmmm.”

Winning song:

A Rainy Night In Soho (1986)

Harry Molloy writes;

A Rainy Night in Soho because it’s simply a lovely bit of songwriting and a simple but beautiful piece of music.

Thanks all


Golden Discs

Last weeK: Póg Their Thoín



Rebel Red (above) and the Chieftan IPA

Why not both?

Orna Daly writes:

In a partnership like no other, Cork’s Franciscan Well brewery and Dublin’s Aungier Danger donuts and deli are collaborating to bring a masterfully crafted donut and beer marriage to the public,

The first of the two quirky creations, sees Rebel Red accompanied by a salty sweet donut kick with a burst of raspberry madness. This donut delight is best washed down with the malty Franciscan Well rebel to leave a silky sweet finish.

The other acclaimed arrival is the Chieftain IPA paired donut in which tropical fruit sweetness of Chieftain will be matched with a smokey bacon and wicked sweet blueberry taste sensation.

The two dangerously tasty variations will be available as part of an exclusive sampling campaign in over 50 selected outlets in Dublin and Leinster from 5th May for a limited time only.

To celebrate this nom-tastic partnership we have SIX cans of Fran Well beer plus holders and coolers to giveaway  to a Broadsheet reader.

To enter, just complete this sentence.

‘Cork craft beer and tasty Dublin donuts go together like_____________and_____________________’

Lines MUST close at 5.55pm 11.45pm.

Franciscan Well

Aungier Danger


Last week we asked you to tell US why YOU should be given a free pair of FitFlop: UBERKNIT™ Slip-On High Top Sneakers from the new S/S 2017 collection.

They’re rubber soled pullovers for your feet!

You responded in your loose-loafered dozens.

But there could be only one winner (selected by an independent jury):

ZeligisJaded: “I feel I should be given at least a pair of Fit Flop Uberknit pull-on sneakers particularly this week owing to the fact that I tried to walk the Dead Man’s Pass on Slieve League [County Donegal] on Easter Weekend in an old pair of tattered trainers. The insole kept moving, and became so annoying that I gave up walking and had pints in the Rusty Mackerel in Teelin [County Donegal] instead, with an English man who also gave up on the walk. Although he had no shoes to blame. In summation, I need the Fit Flop Uberknit pull-on sneakers so I can climb more mountains (and drink less pints).”

Thanks all

Fit Flop

Last week: Do You Want These Sneakers?



Yesterday we gave YOU the opportunity to win one of three adult passes to any Odeon cinema nationwide, in celebration of cinema giant’s 4-for-3 Awards Season offer.

All you had to do was fill in the following sentence.

“…And the award for least-deserving Academy Award ever goes to_____________________________________[name of movie, actor/actress, etc]’

*tears open envelope*

Liam Deliverance: “The award for least-deserving Academy Award ever goes to My Fair Lady which robbed Dr. Strangelove (How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb) for the best picture Oscar in 1965. The former was directed by George Cukor and was the tale of “Eliza Doolittle”, played by Audrey Hepburn, an over long yarn (almost 3 hours) about a cockney flower seller who was taught to talk proper like in a rags to riches borefest. Dr Strangelove, directed by Stanley Kubrick, was a satirical look at nuclear conflict between the US and Russia during the cold war era. It is a film that is very funny despite the seriousness of the subject matter, it lives long in the memory and is a classic that should be watched by all.”

Clampers Outside: “The award for least-deserving Academy Award ever goes to Forrest Gumps 1994 ‘Best Picture’ win…. beating both Pulp Fiction AND The Shawshank Redemption…. a travesty, in fairness…. but life’s like that, like a box of chocolates.”

Ben: “The award for the least deserving Academy Award goes to…Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side (2009). I’ve nothing against the film. It’s the kind of movie you would happily sit through on TV on a rainy Sunday afternoon, but it – or its cast – are about as deserving of an Oscar as Coronation Street.”

Thanks all

Odeon Cinemas

Yesterday: The Envelope, Please


Would you like to see freshly nominated movies?


Read on.

Christina Torsney writes:

Film fans can see the hottest picks for this year’s Awards Season for less at ODEON Cinemas – with film fans that watch three movies getting to see a fourth for free!

From January 1st until March 31st 2017, guests can pick up an Awards Ticket Wallet in ODEON lobbies, and collect tickets from showings of any of the top 17 Awards Season films showing at ODEON:

A Monster Calls (released January 1st)
Silence (released January 1st)
La La Land (released January 13th)
Manchester By Sea (released January 13th)
Lion (released January 20th)
Jackie (released January 20th)
Hacksaw Ridge (released January 27th)
Loving (released February 3rd)
Gold (released February 3rd)
Toni Erdmann (released February 3rd)
Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk (released February 10th)
20th Century Women (released February 10th)
Hidden Figures (released February 17th)
The Founder (released February 17)
Fences (released February 17th)
Moonlight (released February 17th)
Miss Sloane (released February 24th)

Tickets for screenings can be purchased online – with no booking fees – via the ODEON website [at link below]

We have three pairs of adult passes to any ODEON cinema to give away to THREE Broadsheet readers

To enter, please complete this sentence:

“…And the award for least-deserving Academy Award ever goes to_____________________________________[name of movie, actor/actress, etc]’

Lines MUST close at 2.45pm 4.15pm

ODEON cinemas


Yesterday we asked you why your pet deserves a portrait from PawsPawsPawsPawsPrints.

You entered (ooer) your cats dogs and whatnot in their dozens.

But there really could be one winner.

Artist Jane Fogarty has selected Dee Cunniffe’s entry on behalf of his cat Mimi

I very badly need a portrait of my pet cat Mimi of 10 years owing to having to get her put down two weeks ago and collecting her ashes today! And having 3 very sad kids who grew up with her


Jane writes:

“3 heartbroken kids should have a nice memento I think.”.


Thanks all,


Yesterday: I WILL Paint Your Pet






Jane Fogarty of PawPawPawPawPrints writes:

I’m not sure if you’ll remember me but I was in touch last year (around Sept). I had just started my pet portrait business and you ran a competition on Broadsheet. A lovely girl named Clare won a portrait of her dog Buddy.

Since then I have decided to leave my part time job and make try to make a success of Pawpawpawpawprints. I feel that a lot of the success and confidence in the idea came down to that promotion.The response was wonderful, it really helped to spread the word. Thank you.

I was wondering if you would like to run another competition for a free framed portrait for one of your readers? I think we could all do with a bit of cheering up this week.

To enter just complete this sentence:

‘I very badly need a portrait of my pet_________________owing to________________________________________’

Lines MUST close at 4.45pm MIDNIGHT


Last Year: I Will Paint Your Pet

Buddy Buddy