Broadsheet Trailer Park: Anchorman 2 (New Trailer, Irish Version)



What you may need to know

1. Seriously, they’ve done an Anchorman 2 trailer especially for Irish audiences.

We met Will Ferrell once. He’s disconcertingly normal.

3. Ever see the ‘lost’ Ron Burgundy movie? It’s entirely made up of outtakes from the first Anchorman. It’s batshit, and awful in parts, but contains moments of genius. Watch it in full here.

4. Our favourite Will Ferrell character (who’s not Buddy The Elf)? Gotta be Ashley Schaeffer. That shit is dark.

5. Can Anchorman 2 possibly live up to insane expectations? Or will they pull an Arrested Development on the deal? We remain hopeful.

Release Date:
December 20

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