Fears Of Racial Profiling



“The Government should immediately outline what procedures are in place across all public services to prevent racial profiling, according to the Immigrant Council of Ireland.”

“The Council says high profile cases involving children from the Roma community have raised questions over whether minorities are being subjected to excessive attention from Gardaí and public services. Assurances are now needed to allay those fears.”

“Denise Charlton, Chief Executive of the Immigrant Council said: ‘Ireland has already been warned by a Council of Europe report in February about the need to prevent racial profiling, and the events of the past week have done little to reassure migrants that this has taken place.'”

“‘The placing of two children from the Roma community into care comes just one week after the Government announced that people from abroad would account for a disproportionate 50% of social welfare checks as part of a new crackdown on fraud.'”

“‘Any targeting of members of an individual community for such scrutiny, on the basis of unfounded perceptions that they are more likely than others to break the law, is wrong.'”

“‘The Immigrant Council of Ireland believes that robust anti-racism policies and procedures are key to ensure fair access to and delivery of our public services.'”

“‘It is time for the Government to outline what procedures are in place to re-assure people, both Irish and migrant, that no-one need fear being targeted because of their background, belief or colour of their skin.’”

Racial profiling assurances urgently needed (Immigrant Council of Ireland)

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