MullaghmoreIt’s going to be “pumping”.

Surfworld Bundoran writes:

“Big swell coming for Ireland’s western and NW sea board over the coming weekend and into next week. Here is a shot of Mullaghmore from last year [above] to wet your appetite. The Forecast for swell looks mental. A few normal days of good swell in store before all hell breaks loose …Tomorrow (Thursday) will be nice clean offshore 4 ft…. Friday 3-4 ft and offshore…. Saturday 4-5 ft and offshore…. Sunday will be in the 20-25 ft range [top], Monday 10-15 ft, Tuesday 10 ft, wind will be factor on the big days with WSW wind, but if you know where to go it will be absolutely pumping!”

Top pic: Magicseaweed

H/T: Aidan Ellis

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