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Surf’s up.

Documentary filmaker Ross Whittaker writes:

Tonight is the long awaited (by me) Irish TV Premiere of the surf film we made, Betweeen Land and Sea.

It follows a year in the life of surf town Lahinch [County Clare} and features some very unique, brave and sound people.

Between Land and Sea on RTÉ Two at 10.15.

Hanging too loose.




Surfers and bodyboarders can coexist.

Thomas Gillespie writes:

This [above] is a picture of Daniel Skajarowski bodyboarding the Cliffs of Moher [Burren, Co Clare] a couple of days ago. Bodyboarding is a sport where you surf waves by lying down. sometimes there is a rivalry between bodyboarders and surfers but ireland is one of the few places in the world where we all get along.


Thrashin’ stuff in fairness.