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Surf’s up.

Documentary filmaker Ross Whittaker writes:

Tonight is the long awaited (by me) Irish TV Premiere of the surf film we made, Betweeen Land and Sea.

It follows a year in the life of surf town Lahinch [County Clare} and features some very unique, brave and sound people.

Between Land and Sea on RTÉ Two at 10.15.

Hanging too loose.




Surfers and bodyboarders can coexist.

Thomas Gillespie writes:

This [above] is a picture of Daniel Skajarowski bodyboarding the Cliffs of Moher [Burren, Co Clare] a couple of days ago. Bodyboarding is a sport where you surf waves by lying down. sometimes there is a rivalry between bodyboarders and surfers but ireland is one of the few places in the world where we all get along.


Thrashin’ stuff in fairness.


Laura Gaynor writes:

So Gearoid McDaid from Strandhill, Sligo has gotten through to the grand final of the U18 Eurojunior ’14. Finals are expected to run later this afternoon. watch him go for gold (live) here.

Here’s Gearoid in action last April.

UPDATE: Laura adds:

Gearoid finished 4th in his heat. It’s a great result for Ireland and the team came 5th overall.




Ahead of tomorrow’s expected wavefest [graphic above].

Surf site Magic Seaweed write:

Right in the path of tomorrow’s swell we have one of the longest running monitoring stations providing wave data, the Sevenstones Light Vessel.

For this it’s typical to calculate what’s called a 50 or 100-year return period. This is simply the size of the largest waves you could expect will definitely occur at least once in that timeframe.

For the Sevenstones Light Vessel, with our long historic record, we can do this with some accuracy. In fact, analysis as early as the 1970s had already identified these values in the 36-40ft range.

 Tomorrow’s storm is currently forecast to peak at 37ft in deep water around Western Cornwall. If these values are confirmed by the wave buoy tomorrow then we are looking at an event near that 50 year return period range – that is to say ‘infrequent’ but not necessarily ‘unusual’.


How BIG will they be in Ireland anyone?

The 50 Year Storm? (Magic Seaweed)