‘I Didn’t Know Until This Year That The Name Cobain Was Irish’



In the latest installment of the PBS Blank on Blank animated interview series, Kurt Cobain talks to Jon Savage in 1993 about, among other things, identity.

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Update: Transcript on his Cork connection.

Kurt Cobain: “My mother has always tried to keep a little bit of English culture in our family. We drink tea all the time. Tea, yeah. Although I’ve never really known my ancestry. I didn’t even know until this year that the name Cobain is Irish. I found out, through different phone books, throughout America,  couldn’t find any Cobains at all, so I started calling Coburns. And I found this one lady in San Francisco and she had been researching our family history and we came from County Cork, which is a weird coincidence because, when we toured, we played in Cork. And the entire day I walked around in a daze. I’ve never felt more spiritual in my life. I was almost in tears the whole day. It’s the weirdest thing.”