Smell My Cheese


CheeseAt The Science Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin, TOMORROW.

Gizmodo writes:

“Folks often shy away from fancy cheese because it smells like feet. But what if the cheese was actually made from feet—or rather, the bacteria that makes your feet stink? A couple of bio-hacker artists decided to explore that possibility. And it sounds really gross.”

“On Friday, Christina Agapakis and Sissel Tolaas will showcase their stinky human cheese project at a new exhibition called Grow Your Own… Life After Nature, hosted by Trinity College in Dublin [in the Science Gallery]. Their installation is literally a bunch of cheese wheels, each of which was made from bacterial samples pulled from the feet and armpits of different people.”

That could well be the most disgusNOMNOMNOMN

Any excuse.

Would You Eat This Cheese Made from Human Armpit Sweat? (Gizmodo)

Science Gallery

Thanks Anna

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