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The event is being organised by European Movement Ireland


Taoiseach Leo Vardkar leaves the Science Gallery.

Journalists were blocked from asking any questions.




The Science Gallery, Trinity College…

…and Designist, South Great George’s Street,.

….have teamed up.

Niamh O’Doherty writes:

I thought you might be interested in hearing a little about our new partnership with independent Irish retailer Designist –– we’ve teamed up to relaunch the gallery shop, now fully stocked with a wide range of carefully curated Irish and international gifts, gadgets and gizmos for all ages.

Designist at Science Gallery Dublin will sell a combination of Irish and international products, carefully chosen to emulate the gallery’s mission to ignite curiosity and discovery where science and art collide and featuring items inspired by the theme of the gallery’s exhibitions.y affordable battery powered synths from Teenage Engineering (€60 to €100).

Items in stock range in price from €2 to €184 and cater for a variety of interests, from the inquisitive budding electronics fan to the on-trend savvy purchaser.

The Science Gallery

Irish-made stuff to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Irish-made Stuff’. No fee.


Tomorrow night.

At the Science Gallery in Trinity College Dublin from 6pm – 7.30pm.

An event entitled A Most Violent Year: 2016 US Election Special will be held as part of the gallery’s Design and Violence exhibition – a co-production between the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Science Gallery.

The gallery writes:

How has violence influenced the 2016 US presidential race? As voters take to the polls, our panel of experts will explore the era of Trump and Clinton and the elements of this election that have been designed by violence.

Carole Coleman, former Washington correspondant for RTÉ will be hosting the panel discussion featuring Laura Graham, Assistant Professor of Sociology at TCD, Peter Stone, Ussher Assistant Professor of Political Science at TCD, and Eugenia Siapera, Senior Lecturer, School of Communications at DCU…

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CheeseAt The Science Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin, TOMORROW.

Gizmodo writes:

“Folks often shy away from fancy cheese because it smells like feet. But what if the cheese was actually made from feet—or rather, the bacteria that makes your feet stink? A couple of bio-hacker artists decided to explore that possibility. And it sounds really gross.”

“On Friday, Christina Agapakis and Sissel Tolaas will showcase their stinky human cheese project at a new exhibition called Grow Your Own… Life After Nature, hosted by Trinity College in Dublin [in the Science Gallery]. Their installation is literally a bunch of cheese wheels, each of which was made from bacterial samples pulled from the feet and armpits of different people.”

That could well be the most disgusNOMNOMNOMN

Any excuse.

Would You Eat This Cheese Made from Human Armpit Sweat? (Gizmodo)

Science Gallery

Thanks Anna


Or the beard.

Or the suit he borrowed from ‘Uncle’ Dave.

Or the thing he does with his hands.

Broadsheet keyboard code warrior Karl is giving a talk on the latest version of the app next Tuesday evening in the Science Gallery, Pearse Street, Dublin as part of the Xcake labs series.

It should be noted that this the presentation is aimed at a technical audience (but there’s plenty for the non-techies as well).

Kick off is at 6:15 with a presentation on app localisation by Alexey Rashevskiy.

Sign up for Tickets

Alternatively, Karl will politely address any of your app-ian issues below.

Nobody likes a smart arse.

In the vacuum of space, radio waves travel at the speed of light. So transmissions broadcast on Earth one year ago are now one light year away.  Based on the date of their first transmission, this card charts the location of some of humanity’s favourite Christmas anthems and on what star they will debut this year.

Concept: Shaun O’Boyle Artist: Clare Aherne

And that’s not all.

Robert Kiernan at the Science Gallery writes:

As a thank you for you your support and entertainment over the year, we would like to offer Broadsheet readers a 20% discount on all online purchases (including shipping). The discount will run until Sunday.To avail of the offer, please use the code “broadsheet”


Science Gallery, Trinity College, Pearse Street, Dublin

Thanks Michael Le Cool

Beat that, National Wax Museum/Oliver Plunkett/TV3 Make-Up Department.

Would you like to make one of these?

M writes:

We’re running latex full head mask workshops here in Makeshop [at the Science Gallery, Lincoln Place, Dublin] next week. Bowsie are running the event, they’re a genius effects team from right here  in Dublin. They made the masks for Ross Noble’s horror movie ‘Stitches’ and you should [at the end of the workshop] end up with something as impressive as Ross Noble’s head.


Makeshop Movie Special Effects Workship (The Science Gallery)


Shaun O’Boyle writes:

I just wanted to let you know that Mary “Make and Do” Fitzgerald of How Do You Do? fame will be at Science Gallery [Pearse Street, Dublin] this Saturday at 2pm for a free event as part of Dublin Mini Maker Faire. This is a BYOPC (Bring Your Own Pipe Cleaners) event.

An Audience With Mary Make Do (Science Gallery)