Holy Jumpers!


-1As you may know we are giving away ONE Christmas jumper from Deadly Christmas Jumpers worth €40 Euro every DAY this WEEK.

A different jumper every day.

Deadly Christmas Jumpers are based at 16 Nassau Street, Dublin and produce a wide and varied range of humorous and ironic traditional Xmas knitwear.

To win today’s sweater (above), please complete this short sentence

Personally speaking Xmas only really begins when….

Lines close at 5.30pm

Deadly Christmas Jumpers

Thanks Gemma

Winner update:

Smellyer: Personally speaking Xmas only really begins when…. An otherwise pleasant family gathering is reduced to arguments about the civil war and the mammy starts to cry.

Thanks all

The final jumper will be given away tomorrow at the earlier time of 12 Noon (to beat the traffic).

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