Do You Know ‘That’ Person?



[a yule bobble, top and Karl modelling a Deadly sweater at an unknown location today]

The person who likes to go all the way in ‘fun’ seasonal knitwear japery?

Who stops at nothing to bring festive ‘cheer’ to your office, local, etc?

We have Karl.

Who do YOU have?

As you might know we have been giving away ONE Christmas jumper from Deadly Christmas Jumpers costing €40 Euro every DAY this WEEK.

Deadly Christmas Jumpers are based at 16 Nassau Street, Dublin and produce a wide and varied range of humorous and ironic traditional Xmas knitwear.

To win the final sweater PLUS matching ‘amusing’ yule bobble hat (above), please complete this short sentence

My friend/relative/colleague____________________deserves the ‘fun’ matching Xmas hat and cardi  because___________________________

Lines close at 4.45pm 5.45pm.

Winner Update:  

OHOHO : “My boyfriend deserves the ‘fun’ matching Xmas hat and cardi because when we get home to my parents house on the 24th and he realises how creaky my bed is, that jumper’s going to be the closest thing to fun he’s gonna experience all Christmas…”

Thanks all

Deadly Christmas Jumpers

Thanks Gemma and Aislinn