No Faith No Place



[a Portobello Educate Together protest in 2010 outside Leinster House]

“The Roman Catholic school is a little further away. My son is 117th on the waiting list. His name has been down since he was a baby, but date of application is not relevant there, the principal told me. The letter turning him away from there said siblings of current pupils were prioritised. This is understandable and “all 17 such applicants are being offered places”.
‘The remaining 17 places are being offered to Catholic children resident within the Catholic parish . . . We regret that we are unable to offer your child a place in our junior infant class for 2014’.”

Kitty Holland, Irish Times


Kevin O’Riordan writes:

Every now and then this topic arises here on Broadsheet. Sometimes I add a comment along the lines of ‘we had our child baptised due to our local school option’, and various other commenters don’t seem to believe this is a valid reason, presumably because they have a good secular option near them, or because they don’t have a dog in the fight. So I thought I’d just point out this article (above), which details someone’s actual experience. I’m sure we can have some civilised, insightful, and even entertaining discussion on this…


For children with no baptismal certificate the school gates seem to be closed (Kitty Holland, Irish Times)

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