2014 Broadsheet Trailer Park Awards


good vibrationsWe don’t know about you, but we had a GREAT year at the movies.

Best Irish Movie: Good Vibrations Plus Best Scene, to boot:

Most Outrageously Brilliant Thing We Saw All Year: The gonzo ‘Safe Haven‘ segment of horror anthology V/H/S 2, as directed by the guy (Gareth Evans) who did The Raid (2011). Watch it in full here – it’s seriously NSFW, borderline insane, and may mess you up:

Best Movie Everybody Hated But We (sort of) Liked: Only God Forgives. (NB: Drive is over-rated)

Future Cult Classic: The Lone Ranger. Fact.

The ‘What Happened’ Award: Danny Boyle’s Trance, AKA Pants.

Broadsheet Award For Outstanding Services To Cinema: The Rock. Brings it every time.

Best Irish Performance: Brendan Gleeson trying to muster enthusiasm for his role in Smurfs 2 (2013).

Best Irish Director: Paul Duane, who we’ve been telling you about for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaages. Don’t believe us? Ask Variety.

And the best thing you saw?

‘Good Vibrations’ poster by Peter Strain. Available to purchase here.