Youth group are running a photography and film-making workshop TOMORROW for 20 young people around Dublin, as part of the mental health arts festival, First Fortnight.

After the workshop, the group will hit the streets, take ‘selfies’ and make a music video focusing on positive mental health messages.

And here’s where YOU come in.

SpunOut’s John Buckley writes:

“As part of this we want people be spread some positive messages about mental health by sharing a selfie, but with a message about positive mental health. So what helps them get through tough times or just keep happy.

What you can do…

1. Think of a positive message about mental health.
2. Jot it down on a piece of paper
3. Take your phone
4. Point camera at your face
5. Lift up the positive mental health message
6. Pull ‘duck face’.
7. Take photo
8. Upload to Instragram, Facebook, Twitter with the hashtags #FFfest14 #SpunOutSelfie

More details here

Thanks John