[Peter O’Loughlin, of the newly-formed National Independent Party (NIP)]

Look around the eyes.

“I got a couple of emails from a couple of UKIP representatives yesterday. They saw what we were doing and they sent across, saying, kind of, you know ‘fair play to ye, lads’. You know? That’s kind of nice so, it’s nice to get a bit of ‘fair play’.”
“…what’s happening in Europe now, and battlelines are being drawn, it’s quite clear if you do follow politics on the European continent, and especially within the European Parliament and looking at the Euro elections, it is really dividing into, I suppose, to look, to use the buzzword ‘Europhile’ and ‘Eurosceptic’ camps, there’s no doubt about that.
“It’s very clear, we’re  ‘Eurosceptic’, as far as that word covers what we believe in – we’re in that camp. So I mean we have no intention of sitting on the sidelines. No intention at all, we can’t sit back while this kind of fight is going on. Because we do believe that the European Union is, what it’s evolved into is not good for our country at all.”

Peter O’Loughlin to Seán O’Rourke on RTÉ this morning.

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