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Irish made stuff, you say?

Oona Tully writes:

“I decorate bodhráns, in old style Celtic illumination, lettering and gold leaf, amongst other calligraphic bits n’ pieces, scrolls and artist books. I’ve been at it since a teenager, it kept me off the streets then and it’s a pleasurable oul hobby that sometimes makes me a few euro to buy materials.
There are some really vibrant crafting communities around the country, which have really strengthened and grouped in the last five years, and the people involved are incredibly talented, passionate and collaborative.
I’ve met many colleagues in the IT industry, where I work in, who have hidden talents in making things; be it food, ales, knitwear, gifts, home design goods, sculptures, pottery or paintings….it takes a lot of dedication and strong coffee to pick up tools after a hard day’s work or after the children are in bed. Gwan the Irish stuff-makers ;)”

Tully Calligraphy

Do YOU run a business making and selling Irish-made crafts, goods and whatnot?
Would you LIKE your ‘wares’ to be featured here for FREE?
Send Irish made, goods wares and whatnot marked ‘Irish-made stuff’ ‘to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie.

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