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Hen’s Teeth Market, Blackpitts, Dublin 8

Free this weekend?

Hen’s Teeth has launched a new monthly market at its gallery, store and diner in Blackpitts, Dublin 8.

Lily Finlay writes:

Every month 10 different, independent traders, artists and craftspeople will take over the Hen’s Teeth studio space over a Saturday and Sunday.

The markets will be running from 10am- 6pm.

Focusing on contemporary design and culture through art, homewear, lifestyle, clothing and music. The first installment of the market features  Soft Boy Recordswith a limited edition range of merch; photography from Donal Talbot, a fashion collection from  Kyle Cheldon Barnett , a record fair with Optic Music, prints by Kate O’Laughlin, and lots more to be announced.

Hen’s Teeth

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This February 14 (FRIDAY!)

Say it with more than flowers.

Aisling Finn writes:

For Valentines Day, the Book Resort will deliver a luxury box, beautifully presented and filled with a brilliant new book, delicious “Love” chocolate, a vial of “Love” bath salts, & a handwritten card with roses on the front.

To finish it off, the box will be scattered with rose petals.

The cost is EUR30 and there is free delivery in Ireland – but hurry!. All suppliers are Irish.

The Book Resort

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The Book Resort.

Aisling Finn writes:

The Book Resort is a new book subscription box company based in Waterford that delivers a luxury box with a brilliant new book, delicious Irish chocolate & a small surprise to book lovers every month.

Monthly subscriptions are available and one time gift boxes can be sent to someone else as a gift and a handwritten card can be included on the customer’s behalf.

All suppliers are small Irish businesses. Offering free nationwide delivery (including to Northern Ireland) we offer an enjoyable book and chocolate discovery experience.

International customers are also welcome. Boxes are priced at EUR23 for a monthly subscription and EUR25 for a gift box.

The Book Resort

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Orla writes:

May I give a shout-out to Cork illustrator Jason O’Gorman [Dynamite Studio] for a recently  steady stream [on his twitter feed] of everyday and not so every day scenes in Cork city. They capture something about the place. I love them. I know you don’t do this sort of thing, etc../

Name those Cork city locations, from top anyone?

Dynamite Studios

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From top: Sonic Youth’s ‘Goo’ and Loreana Rushe’s GAA-flavoured tribute

Liam writes:

My friend Loreana Rushe made this great Sonic Youth/hurling mash-up. The artwork was originally created for the band Half Forward Line and featured in the inlay of their album ‘The Back of Mass’.

You can get em’ as a tote or a tee for the next week only. They won’t print until 10 are sold so if ya want one now’s the time!

Sliothar Youth Merchandise (Mercht)

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Go on.

The Miggle D Giggles interactive toy.

Seven (more) years of Giggles.

Dara O’Neill writes:

Conceived by two brothers, Lee and Stevie Russell, who hope to have the first batch of these special dolls ready for the holiday period.

From there, they plan on flooding the whole planet with Miggle D Giggles dolls in an effort to curb cynicism and slow down the melting of banter.


Miggle D Giggles

Miggle D. Giggles on Twitter

Earlier: Count Down

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Patrick McHugh, of PrayforPatrick design,  writes:

Hopefully this enamel pin that I made might be of some interest to your more discerning readers. They are available on my Etsy store, along with several other prints that will no doubt have widespread appeal.


PrayforPatrick on ETsy (Etsy)

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The Mötherhood t-shirt


It’s a tough gig,

Eavann McCarthy writes:

I was producing rock and metal themed t-shirts for kids with my partner (the big Irishman behind GrandGrand.ie), when I hit upon an idea to do one for mothers which would celebrate how much they rock one of the toughest jobs there is.

Our particular heartbreak came in the form of our son’s cancer diagnosis almost two years ago. Blood Bike Dublin is run and staffed on a 100% voluntary basis and very single Monday morning, regardless of weather conditions,Michael our blood biker arrives at our door and brings our son’s blood samples to Crumlin for testing. Because of this our son gets to go to school like every other 5 year old,

In an effort to give something back to our friends at Blood Bike Dublin and help them to continue doing what they do, we will be donating all of the profits from the sale of this special t-shirt to them.

Screen printed in Irishtown on 100% cotton and are available to buy for €20.

Blood Bike Dublin

Wee Rock Dublin

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Team Gowlbags write:

We’re Gowlbags. We’re a teeny, weedy new start-up company selling tees, bags, mugs and other bits & bobs with a Limerick/Munster theme. You’re readers might get a giggle out of our gear….

‘Haunty Beoure’, anyone?


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