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The Miggle D Giggles interactive toy.

Seven (more) years of Giggles.

Dara O’Neill writes:

Conceived by two brothers, Lee and Stevie Russell, who hope to have the first batch of these special dolls ready for the holiday period.

From there, they plan on flooding the whole planet with Miggle D Giggles dolls in an effort to curb cynicism and slow down the melting of banter.


Miggle D Giggles

Miggle D. Giggles on Twitter

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Patrick McHugh, of PrayforPatrick design,  writes:

Hopefully this enamel pin that I made might be of some interest to your more discerning readers. They are available on my Etsy store, along with several other prints that will no doubt have widespread appeal.


PrayforPatrick on ETsy (Etsy)

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The Mötherhood t-shirt


It’s a tough gig,

Eavann McCarthy writes:

I was producing rock and metal themed t-shirts for kids with my partner (the big Irishman behind GrandGrand.ie), when I hit upon an idea to do one for mothers which would celebrate how much they rock one of the toughest jobs there is.

Our particular heartbreak came in the form of our son’s cancer diagnosis almost two years ago. Blood Bike Dublin is run and staffed on a 100% voluntary basis and very single Monday morning, regardless of weather conditions,Michael our blood biker arrives at our door and brings our son’s blood samples to Crumlin for testing. Because of this our son gets to go to school like every other 5 year old,

In an effort to give something back to our friends at Blood Bike Dublin and help them to continue doing what they do, we will be donating all of the profits from the sale of this special t-shirt to them.

Screen printed in Irishtown on 100% cotton and are available to buy for €20.

Blood Bike Dublin

Wee Rock Dublin

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Designer neckwear.

To your Ma’s door by Mother’s Day (next Sunday, March 11).

Heather Finn writes:

Joyful, hand-loomed knitwear in a rainbow of colour. Knit from the softest cashmere and lambswool yarn. Designed and made in Dublin. Candy stripe, Lemon drop, Happy stripe or beach stripe!

Yours for 60.

She is worth it.

Heather Finn Knitwear

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The Rawsaol fire pit.

An original portable design developed by Brendan McCarey and James Cleary for their start-up, Rawsaol in Mullan, County Monaghan.

Brendan writes:

The name Rawsaol is a play on words. Raw meaning we only want to use raw sustainable materials. Saol is the Gaelic word for Life, our end goal is to product beautiful, functional objects for everyday life.

Both of us have a design background, myself in crafted design and James in Industrial design. We started making Swedish log candles last summer and then played around with a few fire pit ideas and from there we created the flat pack fire pit…

In fairness.

Yours for €400

Rawsaol Fire Pit

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Looking for an unusual, lapel-based, Irish-made gift?

Ed Hannon writes:

Since 2012 ‘Visions of the Past‘ has been dedicated to the promotion and coverage of Irish history, heritage, folklore and the built environment.

To date the website has had over 800k visits and has documented 350 historic sites.

We are passionate about Irish heritage and with this in mind we have decided to commission three talented Irish designers to create some fantastic hard enamel pins and a tote with an Irish folklore focus.

Today we have launched our etsy shop and our first two enamel pins alongside our tote bag.

The first pin is the ‘Hawthorn Tree‘ pin designed by TwoheadedDog Art, a tree closely linked to Irish folklore and fairy lore.

The second is the enigmatic and powerful ‘Sheela Na Gig’ pin designed by Votive Illustration.

The tote is the logo for VOTP and features the bell tower of my favourite Dublin church St Audoen’s. We are already working on further designs and hope to expand the range over the coming months.

Expand the range.


Visions of the Past (Etsy)

Visions of The Past

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New Romantic jewellery

Given half a chance?

Emer Igbokwe writes:

Introducing New Romantic, a new Irish jewellery company showcasing their unique and contemporary new collection.

Founded by designer Niamh Patten and JulieAnn Fearon, the collection is inspired by their love of simple beauty.

Sterling silver plated in gold, rose gold and Rhodium, what makes New Romantic’s collection stand out is the radiating sparkle of each piece.

New Romantic’s sterling silver collection is plated with gold, rose gold and rhodium. The intensity and brilliance of each piece means that they radiate both day and night, as the glistening metals are shaped to capture the lustre of light with every movement.

With prices ranging from €60 to €595, New Romantic can be found at its flagship store at 21 Drury Street, Dublin 2 or online at link below.

New Romantic Jewellery

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The Science Gallery, Trinity College…

…and Designist, South Great George’s Street,.

….have teamed up.

Niamh O’Doherty writes:

I thought you might be interested in hearing a little about our new partnership with independent Irish retailer Designist –– we’ve teamed up to relaunch the gallery shop, now fully stocked with a wide range of carefully curated Irish and international gifts, gadgets and gizmos for all ages.

Designist at Science Gallery Dublin will sell a combination of Irish and international products, carefully chosen to emulate the gallery’s mission to ignite curiosity and discovery where science and art collide and featuring items inspired by the theme of the gallery’s exhibitions.y affordable battery powered synths from Teenage Engineering (€60 to €100).

Items in stock range in price from €2 to €184 and cater for a variety of interests, from the inquisitive budding electronics fan to the on-trend savvy purchaser.

The Science Gallery

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