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[Irish language commissioner Sean Ó Cuirreáin]

How many Government members showed up to see Sean Ó Cuirreáin appearing before an Oireachtas sub-commitee to deal with the 20 Year Strategy for the Irish Language today?

Answer: Níl aon.

Mr Ó Cuirreáin is to resign early from his post next month saying he can achieve “very little” for Irish speakers and Gaeltacht communities over the rest of his term because of government neglect.

He gave as an example a claim by the Revenue Commissioners that a third of all their press releases were being issued in two languages. But when his office checked, it emerged that they were being issued only in one language. And then, once a year, it was getting four months’ worth of press releases translated in one go

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose, as they say in Connemara.

Irish language ‘being driven to margins of society’ (Harry McGee, Irish Times)


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