Forks Sprung Cloth Technique





Jennifer Slattery writes:

I am a textile designer based in Dublin. I design and make printed table linen, embroidered Irish linen and cushions, everything is made in Ireland. Check out my shop on I ship free within Ireland, thanks!
The Forks collection [above] is printed with imagery of antique forks with a rambling ‘herbarium’ plant print in the background. The antique forks, were found at an antiques market in Paris, each one has beautiful detail. The forks throw shadows across the print in trompe l’oeil effect. The background repeat print is taken from a drawing study of ancient plants stored at the Herbarium in Dublin’s Botanical Gardens. This print is created using a combination of sketching, photography, water colour and collage. The imagery is first created on paper and it is then translated on to fabric. This range is available in Article, Arnotts & Kilkenny Shop and a my shop [link below]

Jennifer Slattery

Irish-made stuff marked ‘irish-made Stuff’ to No fee, no forks, no favours.

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