Living Like A Lord



[Queen Elizabeth II with then Lord Mayor Cllr Michael O’Connell at the city’s English Market in 2011]

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Blueswannebe writes:

The Lord Mayor of Cork combined with expenses, entertainment budgets and use of a driver and car, costs the city over €200,000 last year. The role carries an €83,000 salary, but councillors receive their statutory €16,000 paid allowance on top of that. There is an €80,000 budget for entertainment.

The €83,000 salary is more than the €70,000 paid to the Lord Mayor of Dublin and twice the rate paid to the Lord Mayor of Belfast, who makes €55,000. This is despite both Dublin City and Belfast being more than twice the size of Cork City.

In light of the poor management, lack of long term planning and high rates for businesses in the city it is a disgrace that we let this gravy train keep going on when many people are struggling to get by.


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Pic : Cork Independent