Oh, This Old Thing?



Steve: “Proof that both me and the little fella had a jersey! Oh, and I’d like a new one because I’d like to stick it away in storage and present it to the young fella when he’s old enough to fit into it, as a reminder of when Ireland hammered England and went onto win the six nations when he was a baby!”


Eve: “Proof of my retro jersey that I’ve had over half my life, back when Permanent TSB could afford to sponsor a team, and heavy duty cotton was the pinnacle of sports performance technology – still looking pretty sharp, even if I’m not in this photo!”


Kev Meagher: “My Jersey’s so old there are pictures of Paul O’Connell wearing it and he has hair.”


Derry Durand:That’s me on the left, with my Ireland jersey (World Cup 2003 jersey). My son and I were spectators at the Paralympic Games in London 2012 … suitably attired in our jerseys. I’d like a new one, so that that my son might think I am hip!”


Ronan Mulchrone: “Here’s me jumping from a plane over the Great Barrier Reef down unda proudly wearing the Irish jersey!”


Brian: “I thought the poster behind my now haggard Ireland jersey from 2001 was more fitting than plonking my ugly mug front and centre.”


Mark Hanley: “I’d like a new Irish Jersey please, last one got eaten…”

jersey2Mark Hennessy: “Back when I had more cash I done my best to keep up to date with Leinster and Ireland rugby Jerseys. Haven’t bought one in a couple of years so as you can see some of them are a little outdated and a worn a little thin…”


Conor Steenson: “This photo is of me and my Ireland jersey, taken on March 21st 2009, on a tram in Melbourne, just mere hours away from watching [on telly] Ireland beat Wales to secure our first Grand Slam since 1948. As you can see, I’m pretty nervous!  A few weeks after this photo was taken I was working on a dairy farm near Matamata in New Zealand. I somehow managed to fall directly into the produce of a cow that obviously ate quite a bit of fibre. The jersey, unfortunately (and much to the delight of the Kiwi farmer), took the brunt of the damage. I still have the jersey (I’m too sentimental to throw it out), but between all the travelling and washing out of cow dung it’s on its last legs.”


Avril Doyle: “I have been hanging onto this jersey for years, in the hopes that maybe somehow I’d get back down to the size I was as a teenager and be able to wear it properly again (I want to say I got this around 2005? Can’t be sure but I’m wearing it in a photo from around then). However that clearly hasn’t happened, and I can’t wear this outside my house as “bet onto me” doesn’t even begin to describe this sad jersey. I can’t bring myself to throw it out as I have no other jersey to wear while watching a rugby match, and having one that would actually fit my non-teenager body would be great. I’ll donate the old one to a hipster, if that seals the deal…”



James Fagan:That’s me on the right there wearing the “Triple Crown” during Ireland’s defeat of Wales in Cardiff last year. I’m living in London now and my brother pilfered my jersey from the wardrobe back in Dublin so I think I’m in need of a new one!”


Robert: “TWO retro jerseys – both could do with an upgrade…”

The finalists in yesterday’s Life Style Sports Ireland jersey competition.

There can only be TWO winners.

YOU decide.

Voting closes at 2pm. 3.15pm

UPDATE: Steve & son, and Mark Hennessy win the jerseys. We plan to have a ‘quiet word’ with Life Style Sports on Monday to see if we can get Avril and Derry one too. More as we get it.

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